Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2

We saw the new Spider-Man movie this weekend.

I've said it before, and I'm not seeing any signs that I'll stop saying it any time soon.

I really like the Spider-Man character, but I really don't like Spider-Man's story. It's a downer on so many levels. I suppose it's about hope in the face of countless traumas, but come on.

Some spoilers behind the link.

The film was well done.

I haven't read the comics, but I'm familiar with the Gwen Stacey story line, and the day that Spider-Man thought he had saved her, but her neck broke in the fall. So it was not surprising that they did a slight variation and killed her in this film. It was pretty obvious from about 1/4 way through the film that she was going to die. Me being me, this made it more difficult to enjoy the film because I was bracing myself for her death, and wondering if it was going to happen now? This scene? The next scene? How about now? How much more are they going to draw us into their deep abiding love for each other, and how afraid he is that she will die because of him, before they kill her?

Also, why does the dark skinned villain always have to die, while the other villain(s) wind up in an institution? Assuming Electro is dead. And maybe he isn't. I had trouble believing that what they did would have actually killed him.

Anyway, I enjoyed my movie date with my sweetie, and I enjoyed a lot of things about the movie. Spider-Man spent a lot of time saving people, which is awesome. Although, again, in the end it kindof felt like they spent a lot of time on his saving people so it would hurt even more when he failed to save Gwen. Spider-Man also spent a lot of time just being Spider-Man, and as I said, I do love the character.

I want my sci-fi/fantasy, and especially my superhero movies, to have happier endings and not kill off the people close to the hero for the sake of the hero's character development. Won't be nominating this one next year.

2015 Hugo Nomination Possibility? No.

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