Friday, May 30, 2014

Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

We took time away from Comicpalooza to see X-Men on its opening weekend, because I mean, come ON! New Bryan Singer X-Men movie!!

Spoilery thoughts behind the link:

Synopsis: With the help of some magic Kitty Pryde power which would probably make a lot more sense to me if I'd read this storyline in the comics, but watching the movie kindof left me going "I thought she phased through things...?", our heroes successfully retconned the third X-Men movie. Huzzah!! I have always maintained that it did not exist!

I enjoyed the movie. It wasn't my favorite X-Men movie, but I did enjoy it WAY more than The Last Stand and the first Wolverine movie.

It was full of tons of over-the-top, bad-ass mutant action. Some of my favorites:

  • Blink having seriously bad-ass Fun with Portals. Though I guess it's not really "fun" so much when freaky Terminator 2 style Sentinels are doing their damnedest to kill you and all of your friends. Those things are way, way worse than turrets.
  • Quicksilver's slow-motion save-the-day "Time in a Bottle" bad-assery.
  • Wolverine being fired by Professor X because he's useless to the team - his skeleton is covered with a material that their main adversary can control, among other things. Oh, no, wait, that was in one of the pre-movie clips at Drafthouse.
  • Magneto lifting up an entire stadium and placing it around the White House seemed excessive and  pointless, but it was pretty bad-ass.
  • And of course, it never hurts that Bryan Singer is in love with Hugh Jackman. :)

The plot didn't make quite as much sense as I would have liked. I can't remember which bits in particular - I'll have to watch it again and see if it hangs together better on a second viewing.

I was also disappointed that we didn't see more action from the "old-timers." Especially since I assume we may not see most of them again. Some of them only got cameos at the very end - I was hoping for all of them together being bad-asses in the future scenes! Ah well. Hopefully there will be some interesting Deleted Scenes when the DVD comes out.

Also, it really wasn't clear at the end just how much had been retconned. The third movie, obviously. But did they retcon more than that? Did they retcon all of the movies? With Mystique taking Stryker's place when he rescued Wolverine from the drink, does Wolverine never get his adamantium in this timeline?

Overall, with all the mad mutant action and the retcon of the third movie, I came out of the theater happy. It was an acceptable reset of the universe. And I will watch it again.

Will I be nominating it for a Hugo? No.

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