Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Iron Man 3

2014 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo nominee Iron Man 3screenplay by Drew Pearce & Shane Black, directed by Shane Black (Marvel Studios; DMG Entertainment; Paramount Pictures).

A few spoilery thoughts behind the link:

OK, so I'm not going to get majorly into spoilers, because if you haven't seen the movie yet, I could easily spoil a very nice twist. When we saw this in the theater, we did NOT expect this twist!

Iron Man 3 is definitely a fun ride. It's very well done, with quite a good script. I think it's probably my favorite of the three Iron Man movies, so far.

I loved a lot of the scenes. There was a lot of badassery. When Stark's house was first hit with a bomb, and they all went flying, Stark pointing at Pepper so the suit would go to her was freaking cool. Pepper being a badass at the end was all kinds of awesome.

Since it's a comic book movie and doesn't even try to pretend that they take the laws of physics or reality seriously, it's easy to suspend disbelief, even for stupid stuff like "why did you just give the terrorist your home address and then just sit there without protection from bombs??"

I really want the technology Killian has. The one that images the 3-D brain, the universe, etc. Even more though, I want Tony Stark's computer and interface!

It has to be said at least once: Tony Stark can be such an asshole. 

Also: very intelligent, violent sociopaths who hunger for power are very scary and make excellent villains. Most of us can't even begin to figure out why someone would do, and want, the things they do. 

Bechdel test: Passed (barely). Pepper and Maya, in the middle of a long conversation about men (Tony, Maya's boss, the Mandarin) very briefly talk about Maya's work. Though there were a number of other women in the film, they were mostly girly decoration or they didn't talk to other women.

Up or down ballot (note for myself): UP, with reservations. 

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