Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Updating my list of Hugo-related blogs

I'm updating my list of my recommended Hugo Awards bloggers on the right-hand side of the page. Know of someone I should add? Someone blogging about the eligible works, their own ballots, or the Hugo Awards in general? Please recommend them to me in the comments!

I'm especially interested in blogs that reflect a wide variety of interests and tastes. The more diversity of viewpoints, the better!

The only thing I'm not interested in: bloggers who are openly hateful about other fans. Either because of who the other fans are, or simply because the other fans' tastes differ from their own. (Note the distinction: hateful about/towards other fans, as opposed to emotional about the actual works of speculative fiction.)

I hope to meet some of you at upcoming WorldCons!


  1. Hello, David Steffen of Diabolical Plots here. I'll still be doing some Hugo content on Diabolical Plots, probably the reviews of all the categories, but will also be doing some on SF Signal, probably my ballot choices for nomination and final voting. FYi. :)

  2. Hi David! I've got you listed to the right. :)

    And of course! SF Signal! Thank you! I didn't realize you were affiliated. Very cool! I will watch for your posts!

  3. :) I saw DP on the list to the right, just wanted to point out the difference.

    I've only been writing for SF Signal for about a year, and I didn't post anything Hugo-related there last year. So this is a change. :)

  4. Hi! You've already got me on your list, but here's a couple I found recently: