Monday, August 31, 2015

Tell me which 2015 SFF is knocking your socks off! - Updated 8/31/15

I've been getting a lot of interesting recommendations, so time for an updated list! I'll post more updates periodically, as I receive more good recommendations and as I finish reading things that *I* love!

What science fiction and fantasy have you read or watched, and loved, this year? I'm specifically looking for works that were first published or aired in 2015 and are eligible for nomination for the 2016 Hugo Awards. I'm especially hungry for recommendations of good shorter-than-novel-length fiction since I have a hard time finding good shorter works. I want recommendations of novels, too, though, please.

Here are the things on my "I might nominate this!" list so far (in no particular order):

Best Novel:
Best Related Work
Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form:
Best Fan Writer:
Here are a list of things that have been recommended to me so far, or that I'm just really looking forward to reading anyway. I'm going to read through as many of them as I can!

(Disclaimer: I'm only listing things here I think I might be interested in. There are many more extensive general lists of recommendations, and many more comprehensive lists of eligible works - please link me to more of these too!)

Dramatic Presentation - Long Form:
Best Dramatic Presentation - Short Form:
John W. Campbell Award (not a Hugo):

Tell me about the new SFF you're loving! I want to read it! Also, please tell me what you love about it, if you can without too much spoiler!


  1. Roll out the recs


    NOVELLA (The Boatman's Cure) (The Bone Swans of Amandale)



    GRAPHIC STORY (May or may not be better suited in Best Related Work; the jury's still out)


    Sense8 (Season 1)

    Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell

    It Follows

    DRAMATIC PRESENTATION SHORT FORM (you might say it's the only episode this season really worth a look) (view it here:

    1. I didn't see you already added Damage! Oh well.

  2. Some more recs (Novel) (Novel) (short story) (short story) (novelette) (novelette) (graphic story)

  3. Aaaand one more novel rec:

  4. Last rec until the next roundup post (I promise!), this time for Graphic Story. I didn't even know this one was getting a volume, It's incredible.

    1. Crap, forgot to mention: Books not out yet, but it DOES collect the prologue and chapters 1-5 of this webcomic:

  5. Okay, last one for really-reals. I am so, so, sorry. (Novel) (Novel; comes out November)


  6. Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form: The Lobster

    And let's hope the new Star Wars is friggin' amazing.

  7. 2015 short stories:
    Sugar Showpiece Universe / Caroline M Yoachim (
    Garbage Trucks of Discontent / Caroline M Yoachim (
    Cracks in the Mirror Glass / Anna Marie Yeatts (
    2015 professional artist:
    Julie Dillon (
    2015 fan writers:
    Eric Flint (
    George R R Martin (
    Mark Oshiro (
    Kevin Standlee (
    1940 novelette:
    The Roads Must Roll / Robert A Heinlein
    1940 short story:
    Strange Playfellow (aka Robbie) / Isaac Asimov
    1940 dramatic presentations, long form:

    1. ...Kevin Standlee for Fan Writer?

    2. Also, wouldn't the 1940 Hugo's honor works from 1939?

    3. Mr Standlee deserves, in my opinion, some recognition for all he's done, including answers to frequently asked questions on his blog and answers to specific questions in various comment threads, and these count as fan writing.
      MidAmeriCon II will host the 1941 Retro Hugos.

    4. well yeah, I do appreciate all he's done, but I don't really see him as a FAN writer. He kinda works for the Hugos?

    5. Oh, and here are some other fine short stories from 1940 to consider along with Robbie:

      “The Roads Must Roll”, Robert A. Heinlein (Astounding Science Fiction, June 1940)

      “It!”, Theodore Sturgeon (Unknown, August 1940)

      “Thus I Refute Beelzy”, John Collier (The Atlantic Monthly, October 1940)

      And a novella:

      Also, I have bad news: Sarah Avery says she published "How the Grail Came to the Fisher King" on her blog in 2006. It's not eligible. :(

    6. Didn't see you put "The Roads Must Roll" under novelette. Derp.

  8. I feel like you'd love the hell out of the stories in this collection:

  9. Also, I think Inside Out counts as speculative fantasy, so I'll put that on my ballot.

  10. Here are a dozen of my favorite SF stories published this year (all are freely available online!):

    “The Closest Thing to Animals” by Sofia Samatar [Fireside Fiction] –

    “Descent” by Carmen Maria Machado [Nightmare] –

    “The Far Shore” by Yoko Tawada (translated by Jeffrey Angles) [Words Without Borders] –

    “The Half Dark Promise” by Malon Edwards [Shimmer] –

    “Madeleine” by Amal El-Mohtar [Lightspeed] –

    “The Monkey House” by Tade Thompson [Omenana] –

    “Please, Momma” by Chesya Burke [Nightmare] –

    “The Rainbow Flame by Shveta Thakrar [Uncanny] –

    “A Song for You” by Jennifer Marie Brissett [Motherboard] –

    “The Scale-Tree” by Raphael Ordoñez [Beneath Ceaseless Skies] –

    “Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight” by Aliette de Bodard [Clarkesworld] –

    “The Way of Walls and Words” by Sabrina Vourvoulias [] –

    I expect I'll have more recommendations at the end of the year, but these are all stories I would highly recommend to anyone interested in current SF.

    - Ryan Alexander

  11. 2015 dramatic presentation, long form:
    Liza, a rókatündér

  12. 2015 novel:
    The Coincidence Makers / Yoav Blum