Monday, August 29, 2016

Tell me about the good SFF you've read/watched in 2016!

I'm working on a Worldcon trip report, but in the meantime, let's start looking towards next year's Hugo Awards season!

What science fiction and fantasy have you read or watched, and loved, this year? I'm specifically looking for works that were first published or aired in 2016 and are eligible for nomination for the 2017 Hugo Awards. I'm especially hungry for recommendations of good shorter-than-novel-length fiction since I have a hard time finding good shorter works. I want recommendations of novels, too, though, please.

It's been an exhausting year with really long work hours, so I haven't read much. As a result, my 2017 "Things I Might Nominate" list is *EMPTY*! My work schedule may finally be evening out, and I'm starting to read again, so I'm eager for your recommendations!

Here's my to-read list so far:

Note: I know a lot of lists of eligible fiction are being put together. Please feel free to link to more, but... Obviously can't read it all! And maybe YOUR favorite isn't on those lists yet at all!

Tell me about the new SFF you're loving! I want to read it! Also, please tell me what you love about it, if you can without spoilers!